PAC Tour, Southern Trancontinental 2006

Day 23, Monday, October 2
To: Eufaula, AL; 109 miles

Good roads over rolling terrain, light headwind
Riding Time: 6:49:05; Avg Speed: 16.2 mph; Max Speed: 35.2 mph

After a mild start of 64°F it warmed to a humid 88°F under clear skies. We had a light headwind all day.

Nice rolling hills.


We ended the day just short of Georgia


Today was one of those rare days that I planned to ride easily and actually stuck to that plan. Actually my legs decided for me. They ached badly in the first 10 miles or so, then they felt better but lacked strength. On some of the steeper pitches, I felt like a captain on the bridge calling for more power to the flooded engine room of a sinking ship.

First SAG stop in White Oak AL (at 27 miles)


Man outside "Locklar's Old Store Museum" 3 miles east of Goshen AL. He said his mother sat on that same blue cushion next to him the last time a group of cyclists came through town a few years ago. Coincidentally those riders were also on their way to Savanna Georgia. I get the feeling if anything happens in this town he sees it happen from that very spot.


Lunch stop in Cilo AL (at 74 miles) A fantastic spaghetti lunch

I rode mostly with Eamonn, some with Dennis, and the rest of the time alone at my own pace. I noticed that many riders rode alone today or near just one or two other riders.

Dennis, Annie, Eamonn and I had nice buffet dinner at the Golden Corral tonight.

A friendly horse I met on a private horse ranch just east of Texasville AL (at 93 miles). This fella walked right up to me as I photographed the other horses.


Walter George Lake in Eufaula AL looking eastward. This lake is the flooded portion of the Chattahoochee River due to a dam 16 miles downstream. The shore in the far distance is Georgia - the last state in our journey.


Ahhh, this feels good. This is the only outdoor pool that was open since Blythe CA. Peter said that when his butt hit the water he heard it sizzle.


While lying in the confort of his bed this evening Peter wanted me to report that he rode spectacularly today.

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