PAC Tour, Southern Trancontinental 2006

Day 2, Monday, September 11
To: Blythe, CA; 104 miles

Frying pan hot!
Riding Time: 6:36:44; Avg Speed: 15.61 mph

Not much climbing today, just extreme heat.


Hay farm 20 miles NE of El Centro, CA A Sahara-like desert scene 19 miles later


I was amazed how quickly the landscapes changed today. Farms one minute, then cross a canal or crest a hill and suddenly its a different world; ranging from rocky and barren, to drifting sand dunes, to scrub brush and tumbleweed, from steep rolling hills to pancake flat. Apparently the desert is fertile - just add water and you have yourself a hay farm. The hay farms abruptly ended on the east side of a large irrigation canal. The above images show just two of the many contrasting scenes that treated us today.

It was mostly flat for the first 50 miles then short and steep rollers for about 22 miles, then flat again. In the hilly section we also a 10 mph headwinds with increasing temperatures, then calm and hot, hot, hot to the finish. For the last two hours it was 110 F in the shade - we were in the sun.

Me with a wash cloth soaked in ice water on head. Man does that feel good. Taken at a SAG stop (at 63-miles)


I rode with various groups today both large and small. But for the last 50 miles I rode mostly alone, stopping at the rest stops only long enough to cool down, hydrate and eat a little. Due to stomach problems, I had to reduce my pace for the last twenty-one miles and Gary caught up to me and pulled me most of the way to the finish. The two of us rode the last 15 miles together and actually beat the SAG vehicle to the last rest stop, finishing a little after seven others.

The only problem I had so far was stomach bloating. I am drinking enough but my stomach is not emptying so it swells uncomfortably. This causes me to slow down to prevent nausea. Lon believes I am not getting enough electrolytes and called the consultants a Hammer Nutrition to confirm. Apparently I should be taking three electrolyte pills every hour instead of the one per hour I took today and yesterday.

Tomorrow should be hot again tomorrow, but with twice the climbing, as we say goodbye to California and enter Arizona.

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