PAC Tour, Southern Trancontinental 2006

Day 18, Wednesday, September 27
To: Pine Bluff, AR; 91 miles

Rural South recovery
Riding Time: 4:57:43; Avg Speed: 18.1 mph; Max Speed: 35.5 mph

The start was a cool 53°F then warmed to the low 80's under clear skies. While waiting for luggage load this morning, I chatted with another rider about how I felt pretty comfortable with just a long sleeve jersey and guessed the temperature was in the low 60's. When I noticed that the digital thermometer on the back of the Motel Truck indicated 53°F, I said "Umm... if its 53°F I better put on another layer."

Gently rolling terrain



Today was another good day for recovery given its short distance, moderate climbing and legs that are still sore from two days ago on the Talimena Scenic Drive to Mena AR.

I rode with Walter and Eamonn from start to finish today and despite our relaxed pace only five riders finished ahead of us. I believe most everyone was taking it easy today, since three of the next four days are over 130 miles, with the third and fourth days also having significant climbing (6000 and 6300 ft. respectively).

Walter and Eamonn rolling along at 72 miles.


At exactly the 50-mile point, I passed along warm wishes to Eamonn on behalf of his friends across the pond Richard, Eddie and the rest of "Lakes RC". Eamonn was quite surprised and delighted to hear those familar names and wore a broad smile for some time afterward. They are following the tour by reading these pages and Richard emailed me yesterday.

Walter and Eamonn at the Lunch stop sporting their stylish and informative jerseys (at 68 miles in Sulfur Spring, AR) Post-ride milk shakes are becoming a habit for the boys and I (at a McDonalds in Pine Bluff, AR)
Dinner in Pine Bluff, AR


Tomorrow we enter Mississippi on a longer day with moderate to strong crosswinds predicted. Many times today we rode in heavily forested areas and at times it was like riding though a tunnel of trees. This can significantly neutralize the affects of the wind, so lets hope we encounter more of the same tomorrow.

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