PAC Tour, Southern Trancontinental 2006

Day 24, Tuesday, October 3
To: Perry, GA; 104 miles

Good roads over rolling terrain into a light to moderate headwind all day.
Riding Time: 6:37:28; Avg Speed: 15.9 mph; Max Speed: 35.0 mph

After a mild start of 66°F it warmed to a humid 87°F under clear skies.

Big rolling hills first 50 miles then flatter near Perry.


Headed ENE today directly into a 7 mph ENE wind.


We crossed into Georgia just 3 miles into today's ride. Unfortunately there was only a small welcome sign on the bridge over the Chattahoochee River. Since it would have been unsafe to stop, I passed on the photo op.

The front of my quads felt achy for the first few miles then as the pain subsided and the power returned I pushed a moderate pace up this morning's big rollers. These hills weren't any steeper than yesterday's, but they were longer (as you can see in the photo of Jim below).

I rode most of the day alone, catching only brief moments with other riders. As the day wore on I became more uncomfortable on the bike (in the saddle, back and neck areas) and my power diminished. Those things combined with a small but persistent headwind challenged my moral. In my lowest moments, I took comfort in the thought of soon being reunited with my wife and daughter, my mom and dad, and my mother and father-in-law. All of whom are traveling to Tybee Island to greet me in just two days.

Dan and Gene cresting a hill near Lumpkin GA (at mile 20) Jim in big roller country a few miles west of Lumpkin GA (34 miles). Note the logging truck that just passed.
Steward County Court House in Preston GA (at 45 miles)


Confederate solder statue. Inscription at the base.
This part of Georgia is proud of their confederate history and heritage.


If any riders annoyed me on this tour here is where I could get revenge. Modern and old fashioned power generation are used here (just past Montezuma GA, at mile 85)
Logging is a major industry here as these trucks passed us all day. Trees grown in orderly rows for clear cutting.

I had a very enjoyable dinner at the neighboring Cracker Barrel with Eamonn, Dan, John Newton, Simone, and Anne.

Tomorrow is our last routine day of the trip and all of us are very much anticipating the end.

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