2007 PBP Route

Click on the 'Show Map' button below to view the GPS file for the 2007 Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) brevet which will take place August 20th to 24th. Download the GPS file (600KB) displayed in this map by right-clicking on the link above and select 'Save As'. Since, it's a vendor independent GPX format you should be able to upload it to any mapping GPS unit directly or using the software that came with your unit. However, some waypoint symbol types described may be specific to Garmin.

The event is decomposed into 16 routes elements, each route takes the rider from one control checkpoint to the next. This speeds up the GPS's auto-routing calculations, makes course navigation more flexible, and facilitates GPS units that limit the number of vias that can be used on a route. Upon arriving at a checkpoint the rider simply selects the next route to navigate to the subsequent control.

NOTE: this is the final version suitable navigating PBP. It was created by South Florida randonneur John Preston with the information available on http://rusa.org/pbp.html and cue sheet shown on the official PHP site. Note that Control 15 is at Dreux (Contrôle - PALAIS DES SPORTS, at 1163km) not Nogent-le-Roi as in previous events.

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